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Sarek is a national park in northern Sweden. It is one of the largest national park with an area of 1,970 km² . It was established 1909 and it is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia established in 1996.

Laponia’s 9400 km² consists of the national parks Muddus, Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet, and the nature reserves Sjaunja and Stubba. 95% of the area is protected as national parks or nature reserves. The other 5% are in the areas of Sulitelma, Tjuoltadalen, and Rapadalen.

Sarek is popular with hikers and mountaineers, but not suitable for beginners since there are no shelters or hiking trails — except a short passing-through in southeast. There are around 100 glaciers in Sarek National Park.
The park borders to two other National Parks in Sweden; Padjelanta in the Wast and Stora Sjöfallet in the North.

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