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The above picture is from Sundbyholm Castle park, close to where we live.

1. National Parks

(Se page National  Parks in Sweden)

Sweden have 25 National Park. So far me and my wife have visited:

Abisko,  Färnebofjärden , Garphyttan, Gotska SandönPadjelanta, Tiveden,  Sarek,  Ängsö.

Abisko, Sarek and Padjelanta together with five other nature reserves makes Laponia, a World Heritage.  A huge recreation area as well as a sheltered place for many unique species of fauna and flora. The Sami people also use this area as feeding ground for their reindeers.

Click here for Official site of Swedish Environmental Protection AgencyClick here for Official site of Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


2. Other places in Sverige

At West Coast of Sweden
At East Coast of Sweden
National Park at East Coast of Sweden
West Coast of Sweden
Gotland DSC03525Gotland


3.  Hikes in Sweden

(Se page Hikes in Sweden)


4. Historical Sites

Many historical sites are situated around the lake Mälaren with the capital Stockholm as the main hub. Drottningholm, Stockholm, Royal Palace , Stockholm

  • Drottningholm Castle
  • Engelsbergs bruk
  • Gripsholm Castle
  • Stockholm Palace
  • Husaby Church


5. UNESCO World Heritage in Sweden

  • Birka
  • Engelsbergs bruk
  • Falun och Kopparbergslagen
  • Gammelstad
  • Höga kusten
  • Karlskrona
  • Struves meridianbåge
  • Laponia
  • Varbergs radiostation
  • Visby
  • Öland